Here's what the stories are about...

This is Burny. He's a wonderful dog for Norm, his rescue boy, and has no bad habits. Well, only a few. He chases cats and the mailman.

Here he is with Norm, who's tweleve. He was only nine when he got Burny as a puppy. Burny is a big dog, big enough to knock Norm over when he jumps on him. OK, another bad habit. But you have to cut Burny some slack, because . . .

he TALKS to Norm!

That wasn't always true. Burny could always talk, but Norm only heard dog noises—until his twelfth birthday. Then, for his birthday, he got a used tablet—an orPad. It had apps he'd never heard of, including one that did magic. Real magic. And the first thing that came from the orPad was that Norm could talk to Burny!

There followed the wildest week of magical adventures any dog ever had with his boy. They flew on a magic carpet and were imprisoned in the Arabian desert. They were fired at while they were on a sailing warship. They swapped places temporarily, and Norm got some practice at being a dog.

And that's just the beginning.

Unfortunately for Burny, he hated magic, because it was loud and smelly and dangerous. But he wouldn't think of staying home while Norm went by himself. Good thing. Every boy needs a dog to take care of him.

They traveled to a Gypsy camp in 17th-century England, and met . . .
She was twelve too, the most interesting girl Norm had ever known, in her Gypsy finery. Later, the three of them went to the Old West, when it was still a wild land of cowboys and Indians.

All that was fun, but at the end of that wild week, the magic orPad app went crazy and tried to kill Norm and Burny both. They were lucky to escape. That brought the summer to an end, and Norm started school as usual. But it wasn't the usual school routine, because his class had a new girl, who looked exactly like Adara. Could it be the same girl? How could she be in modern times?

That's the first book of five. An eight-year-old who's a good reader can read it alone. Six-year-olds enjoy it. So do the adults who read it to them.

The adventures in book two might be a little scary for six-year-olds. Better wait until they're eight. Norm is still twelve, but he grows older as the series progresses In book three, which we'll publish in 2017, he's fourteen. The stories get even scarier in the later books too, and the reading is harder.

Books one and two are available from Amazon. Book three will be published in 2017.

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